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Cellular Phones
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Cellular Phone

In a mobile world, TTM's leading edge technology literally brings the power of world-wide communication, streaming video and computing to the palm of your hand. Our leading technology in advanced HDI and flexible circuits, combined with prototype to mass-scale, cost efficient production, positions TTM as a global leader in the high-end smart phone space.

Today's smart devices are pushing the limits of traditional High Density Interconnection (HDI) PCB technology.  In order to realize always-on connectivity with high speed voice, video and internet surfing with pixel perfect resolution, the PCBs in these devices drive miniaturization of all geometries with increasingly complex interconnections.

As a leading manufacturing partner to the world's most advanced mobile device OEMs, TTM works relentlessly on technology, quality, delivery and service to fulfill the needs of our customers. TTM's experience in advanced manufacturing methods including image transfer, laser drilling, lamination, soldermask and surface finishes has made TTM capable of providing leading edge any layer PCBs from prototype to mass volume.

Key Technology features:

  • Up to 16 layer, any layer interconnection
  • Ultra thin core (60um with 1078 and 50um with 1067)
  • Low loss halogen free material for high speed signals
  • Large I/O 0.40mm pitch BGA devices
  • 01005 passives design
  • 60um laser via diameter
  • Multiple flex thickness/layer count rigid-flex with any layer interconnections
  • Embedded distributive capacitor and resistors